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Asthma is a chronic problem that needs close and ongoing care. Sometimes called Reactive Airway Disease, it is a chronic illness characterized by repeated episodes of wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and sometimes difficulty breath­ing. These episodes are triggered by various airway irritants including colds, ear infections, sinus infections, tobacco smoke, allergies, and strenuous exercise. Asthma is frequently inherited and more common in children with seasonal allergies or eczema.

Most asthma sufferers lead normal lives; however, there is no simple answer to asthma treatment questions. Effective treatment requires adherence to a strict plan. Maintain close contact with the physician who coordinates your child's treatment program and learn as much as you can about asthma. Start your child on asthma medicines per your doctor's recommendations.


  • Inhaled or aerosol machine administered medication
  • Oral medications


  • Delaying the start of an asthma management program
  • Delaying the start of asthma medications
  • Not eliminating asthma triggers such as pets, tobacco smoke, feather
    pillows, dust, wool rugs, weeds, grass, and pollens among others



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