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This is going much better! Switch your child to skim milk or whatever milk the family regularly drinks. If you have well water, review fluoride requirements with your dentist to assure your child is getting enough.

This is going much better! Your child may occasionally nap, but this varies greatly between children. You know your child's sleep needs better than anyone else. Use your own judgment about your child's sleep habits.

Your child should be urinating and stooling during the day, but 10% of chil­dren still wet at night. Hang in there — keep using the diapers at naptime and nighttime!


  • Your child can be buckled into a regular seat if he weighs 40 lbs. Actually, most kids prefer a booster car seat because they can see out the window better.
  • Don't forget to give your child sunglasses.
  • Start talking about strangers to your children. Consult the Parent Advice Line (PAL) at OneCall for Health (251-1000) for some suggestions, visit bookstore of the library, or ask your physician during your next well visit.
  • Talk with your child about "private parts" on their body and "privacy" — what these words mean and what to do if someone wants to touch or look at their private parts. Have a plan!

Encourage independence in dressing, helping with chores around the house, etc. You'll be surprised how much they really can do if you tell them they can. Use sticker charts/behavior modification, or bribery — whatever you want to call it — it works!

Each child is unique. You know your child better than anyone else. Most 4 year olds would enjoy a preschool 2-3 days/week for a "social outing." Check out local preschools, church programs, libraries, mother's day out programs, etc. (the Toledo Area Parent News newspaper, available free at all local libraries and numerous other places around town, is an excellent resource for this. Contact them for their annual list.) Most programs register in the spring for fall classes, so be prepared. If you qualify, this is the age for Head Start Programs.

Non-family members are able to understand all of your child's words. Please note that your child may not be able to pronounce or articulate all of his letters. This is normal and will gradually decrease by age 7- 8. Socially, your child has "friends" now. Specific social skills may vary from child to child. If you have questions about your child's socialization, please ask your doctor. As for motor skills, in addition to walking and running, your child can "bunny hop" and do other simple movements. As for fine motor skills, your child is now able to copy letters and shapes and is starting to use scissors.

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