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Your child is still a picky eater. (If you have a child who eats — lucky you!) Feel free to switch from whole milk to skim or whatever the family drinks. If your child refuses to eat green vegetables, you may want to start her on a chewable or liquid vitamin with iron. Iron is one of the biggest building blocks that children often don't get enough of in their diets. Have your child take the vitamin with juice 'necause juice helps your child's body to better absorb the iron. (Avoid giving your child too much juice. They really only need 4 oz. of juice per day. Try giving juice and/or milk at mealtime only and give water in between. You may want to keep a little water bottle in the refrigerator so that it's always ready and cold.) Remember. . . your child will probably only eat one good meal per day and they'll eat when they're hungry Encourage family meal time and try to sit down together.

If your child is still happy in a crib, leave her there. It will be much safer for her. Your child should still be taking a nap. To help relieve stress and encourage sleeping at naptime, try to keep to a bedtime routine and daily schedule as much as possible.

Your little one is still getting into lots of trouble as she explores her world. Don't let your guard down! Remember that children 20 lbs. -40 lbs. must sit in forward-facing car seats in the back seat of the car. Children over 40 lbs. must sit in a booster-style car seat until they outgrow the seat.

Make an appointment with your family or pediatric dentist. If you can start your child with a positive dental experience, hopefully you'll lead to a lifelong positive attitude toward dental care! Don't forget to help them brush at least once a day.

Please refer to the handout immediately following this section.

Hopefully, you've made it through the worst of the "Terrible Two's." We usually like to refer to this as the "Terrific Two's." Hang in there, remember that all things will pass. Be positive, creative and make sure you get plenty of rest!

Your child is beginning to put two words together — his first sentences! Children at this age don't actually play together, but do play next to each other (parallel play). As for motor skills, your child can now dress himself (but may still need help with zipping and snapping) and is also able to scribble, finger paint, and complete simple, free form art projects.

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