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Most infants do some crying during the first months of life. When babies cry without being hungry, overheated or in pain, it is generally referred to as "colic." Colic is not caused by bad parenting, excessive gas, or abdominal pain. SYMPTOMS:

  • Unexplained crying (child is not hungry, soiled or in pain)
  • Feeds well with good weight gain and continues to gain weight
  • Intermittent crying one or two times per day
  • Bouts of crying usually last 1-2 hours
  • Child acts fine between bouts of crying
  • Onset under 4 weeks of age
  • Usually peaks at 6 weeks of age
  • Usually resolves by 3 months of age (we hope)


  • Cuddle/rock baby whenever she cries (you can't spoil a baby during the first 3-4 months of life)
  • Try to console the child. If the child is inconsolable, swaddle her (wrap snugly, but not tightly) in a blanket and lay the child in her crib in a darkened room and do something for yourself for 15 -30 minutes. Get out of hearing range. If the child continues to be inconsolable, begin this process all over again.
  • Prevent later sleep problems by placing the baby in the crib while she is still drowsy, but not crying, so she can learn to go to sleep on her own.
  • Promote nighttime sleep (rather than daytime sleep) by waking after 3-4 hours of napping during the day.


  • Get rest and help for yourself to avoid fatigue and exhaustion. Get out of the house to clear your mind and talk to someone every day about the baby.
  • Ask a friend or relative to watch your children for one hour per day several times per week.
    It's okay! Many babies go through this. Try to get rid of your own guilt. It's okay to hate what colic makes your baby do even though you love your baby. This will all pass!


  • Don't stop breast-feeding. If your baby needs extra calories, talk with a lactation consultant or your doctor during office hours.
  • Don't change your baby's formula unless you talk with your child's pediatrician first.
  • Don't assume you are the cause of this problem. CALL THE DOCTOR DURING REGULAR OFFICE HOURS IF:
  • Colic-type crying occurs 3 or more times per day
  • Crying begins after 1 month of age
  • Crying continues after 3 months of age
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, or constipation occurs with the crying
  • You are exhausted from all the crying
  • Your baby mainly cries when you're trying to sleep


  • Your baby cries constantly for more than 3 hours
  • You're afraid you might hurt the baby
  • You've shaken the baby


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