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Dehydration results from excessive loss of body fluids due to diarrhea, vomit­ing, or decreased intake of fluids. You can tell your child is dehydrated by noting the following symptoms.

Mild                                                                Moderate/Severe
wet lips                                                          dry lips
tears when cry                                               no tears
thirsty                                                             too lethargic to indicate thirst
warm skin                                                     cool, mottled skin
1 wet diaper/8 hours                                   no wet diapers in 8 hours (under 1 year)
1 wet diaper or void/12 hours                    no wet diaper/void in 12 hours (over 1 year)
normal soft spot                                           sunken soft spot
normal eyes                                                 sunken eyes
decreased activity, but alert                       listless

Don't just give water. When dehydrated, it's important to replenish your child's water, and her salt, potassium and calories. The general rule of thumb is to give small amounts of liquid frequently (1 tbsp). Small amounts of liquid are usually better tolerated than large volumes.

  • Give plain or flavored Pedialyte, Kaoelectrolyte or Ricealyte.
  • If the child won't take the Pedialyte, try adding a small amount of sugar free Jell-O powder to the fluid. This will change the flavor and color of the Pedialyte.
  • Or, try freezing the Pedialyte or purchasing Pedialyte Popsicles.
  • Or, make a slush with crushed ice cubes and frozen Pedialyte. If necessary, add a small amount of your child's favorite juice to the Pedialyte for color and flavor.


  • Moderate or Severe dehydration
  • Decreased urination (children under 1 year who don't urinate for 8 hours and children over 1 year who don't urinate for 12 hours).
  • Dry mouth
  • Listlessness.
  • Eyes that appear sunken.
  • No visible tears when crying.
  • Breathes especially fast.
  • A sunken soft spot in a baby.


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