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Eczema is a red, extremely itchy rash which results from an inherited type of sensitive skin and lowered itch threshold. Flare-ups occur when there is contact with irritating surfaces. This is a chronic condition which usually doesn't go away prior to adolescence. Eczema of the face usually clears up by age 2-3 years.


  • Bathe the skin once a week (twice in wintertime) for 10 minutes using no soap or only nondrying soap like Cetaphil. Showers work well, too. Add baby oil to the bath water to lubricate the skin (watch for a slippery tub) or apply mineral oil after showering. Pat skin gently to dry Do not rub!
  • Lubricate the skin once daily whether the child bathes or not (twice in wintertime.
  • Use steroid cream in nonprescription strength (Cortaid or hydrocortisone). If your child has no relief, please call for an appointment.
  • Bathe in Aveeno to relieve itching. Be Careful! Aveeno will make the
    bathtub slippery Always stay with your child while he is bathing.
  • Give Benadryl at bedtime using dosage chart on the package.
  • Keep fingernails short to avoid excessive scratching. In young children, put socks over their hands like mittens at bedtime to prevent scratching.


  • Breast-feed children whose family history indicates high risk for eczema.
  • Check clothing labels. Avoid wool clothing and wear cotton clothing.
  • Avoid excessive layers of clothing
  • Avoid excessive heat in the house
  • Avoid hot baths
  • Place a cold air humidifier in your child's bedroom. Change the water daily and clean with bleach every third day.
  • Never use bubble bath
  • Shampoo hair at the end of a bath or shower


  • The rash appears to be infected, has pus, or soft yellow scabs
  • The rash is raw and bleeding in several places
  • Itching interferes with sleep

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