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Vomiting is usually related to a viral illness and stops within 12-24 hours. Vomiting triggered by coughing usually contains mucus and isn't serious. Pain just prior to and relieved by vomiting is normal. Children may look pale immedi­ate after vomiting, breathe funny, appear cool or clammy and perspire. Wait a few minutes before evaluating for dehydration. For more information about dehydration


  • Wait 15 -30 minutes after the last episode of vomiting before giving your child sips of fluids. This gives the stomach time to settle down.
  • Do not let your child take big drinks or gulps. This will distend the stomach and cause further vomiting.
  • If mild signs of dehydration appear, give your child very small amounts (1 - 2 teaspoons) of fluid every few minutes. Try to make these as fun for the child as possible — funny noises, flying the cup around, crazy faces, etc.


  • You suspect moderate or severe dehydration. Again, read Dehydration, page 45.
  • Your child decreases her intake of fluids regardless of dehydration signs
  • Vomiting contains blood
  • Vomiting is accompanied by severe, unrelenting, persistent abdominal pain longer than 2 hours and not relieved by vomiting
  • Follows a head or abdominal injury


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